Getting used to playing against HaChu 0.19

The human results are getting better. White_horse is beating it most of the time. Kenjin has beaten it a couple of times.

H.G.Muller (Test_DontPlayMe), the author of HaChu, observed that it doesn’t see the danger of piece pile-ups when it is pinned. Inspired by this, last night I decided to play it on evens, despite not yet having beaten it with 2 Kings.

I played straight-forwardly, without a special strategy. As soon as it brought it’s Lion out into the centre, a fight broke out. I concentrated on pinning its pieces against the lion and ganging up on them. This way I acquired a small material advantage. The centre fight continued and my advantage increased until I got a second Lion. Then the programmed stupidity kicked in during the endgame, and I had an easy finish.


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